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Be one click away from your customer

Boost your business growth with a better video call solution

OrDirect connect with Remotehour team

Why Choose Remotehour?

Remotehour is simple One-Click Video Chat packed with only the features you need.

Customizable Meeting Room

Make your meeting rooms fit the purpose with custom options.

Integrations Galore

Integrate Remotehour with Chrome, Slack, Stripe, and Twitter. Learn more

Call Timer

Stay on track and never overrun on meetings again with our built-in timer

Easy Guest Invites

Your clients don’t need a Remotehour account to call. Just invite them by email and they’ll get notified when you’re online.


Get calls to your mobile with our iOS App (Android coming soon)

One on one Meetings

Remotehour isn’t designed for group meetings. It’s about connecting with one person and getting stuff done!

Best Solution for Customer Success

  • The real voice can contribute to product improvement speedy
  • Interact with customers to better understand their customers
  • Resolve customer’s issues instantly to be lower the churn rate
  • Maximizing the customer experience can increase loyalty

One-click to connect

Never miss it. Enables you to get connected instantly as long as someone your team is online. Your customers don’t need to register, install, or enter the phone number anymore.

Easily embed on your website

Your customers can talk to you directly from your website. They will surely feel much closer to you. Even if you don’t embed, permanent URL will help them to access your team.

Archive all the call

All sessions with your customers are saved. Recording, chat history, notes written during the call can be reviewed later. Such data will be shared with your team also. And, it’s planning to integrate with other CRM soon.

Get a key to achieve customer success


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