One of Remotehour’s early adopters - M·A·C - has seen huge success using the 1-1 video conferencing system. The professional makeup and beauty company, known as the premier beauty brand "For All Ages, All Races, All Genders", stands at the forefront of fashion, beauty and trends, and continues to deliver innovative products and the latest trends through its makeup artists around the world.

When the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally altered the company’s ability to operate with consumers, they looked high and low for a way to keep meeting client needs and build their company. The answer? An unexpected video application with powerful features: Remotehour.

Taking “Touch-Ups” To The Digital Space

As a business operating in the beauty industry, M·A·C strives to offer advice and counseling on make-up and skin care products to their customers. The company refers to these moments as “touch-ups” - a chance to offer careful suggestions that are unique for each customer.

Prior to the pandemic, touch-ups were a normal part of M·A·C operations in stores. However, the coronavirus pandemic left the team unable to provide the traditional touch-up services that had boosted their success.

In a stroke of luck, the M.A.C discovered the unique opportunity that Remotehour offered. While the company had relied on in-person touch-up services, they could now reach customers and consumers in a unique, 1-1 interface. With the power of Remotehour, M.A.C suddenly found a new way to use the digital space to reach consumers as they had before.

For M·A·C, Remotehour Offers The Flexibility A Growing Team Needs

As many companies and organizations discovered at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital video conferencing options were slim. The company first tried offering their online counseling and touch-ups by appointment using ZOOM.

However, the cumbersom process of setting up appointments and schedulign meetings took away the on-the-spot care that M·A·C was known for offering. The team wanted to create an online version of the experience of stopping by a store and talking to an artist. Their search for a tool that combines ease-of-use with real-time interactions (without the need for reservations) led them to Remotehour.

Remotehour allows M·A·C team members to call anyone from their smartphone without the need to install an app or require an appointment - a huge plus for M·A·C’s clientele. An added bonus was the easy learning curve - a M·A·C make-up artist who receives a Remotehour call jump in with just one click - and the process is easy to learn with almost no need for training.

For families with small children, busy people on weekdays, or those needing private advice for healthy and beauty needs, Remotehour has created the perfect 1-1 environment for honest and open customer service.

M·A·C Team

How Remotehour Exceeded the M·A·C Team’s Expectations

The Remotehour services have been a hit with M·A·C customers. Willing to try anything to help their business thrive in a new environment, the team started their first test launch, unsure of how many people would call in without making an appointment.

Those anxieties faded when the first call quickly arrived. A customer who had been watching the team’s Instagram Live, and the M·A·C consultant on the other end of the Remotehour call quickly made a connection. After that, the calls continued to come in during open reception hours, and the response far exceeded the team’s expectations.

M·A·C has received comments from surprised customers. Many were excited to have the chance to speak face-to-face with a M·A·C team member since they could not visit a store. With the ability to receive advice and guidance on choosing the right products, the team has been better able to offer recommendations on online purchases and meet their customer’s needs in new ways.

Best of all, M·A·C saw their online sales skyrocket thanks to the power of Remotehour. Many of the customers who made a “customer connection” through the service then moved forward to make purchases on the eCommerce site immediately after the counseling. Soon, M·A·C found that the amount of money spent per customer was more than double the average.

Ultimately, Remotehour has reminded the M·A·C team of the power of customer service. The ability to continue connecting made the artists and team very happy, and the smiles on the faces of the customers is the icing on the cake.

M·A·C Team

Expanding Their Digital Presence With Remotehour

In the future, M·A·C is excited to see what an application like Remotehour can provide in both growth and customer interaction. The team is hoping to provide counseling services on a permanent basis - allowing customers can connect with their consultant immediately whenever they feel like asking a question.

The team is also interested in discovering how Remotehour can be used as a service in stores. Remotehour’s capabilities have the potential to provide solutions that meet the needs of customers both offline and online. Remotehour’s stable call environment and the ability to have multiple people on call has helped M·A·C take steps forward and grow their business - even amid a global pandemic. Few health and beauty providers can say that!

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