For entrepreneur and social media trainer Jonathan Pollinger, having a fast and easy method to reach potential training clients is key to his success. In the year that has passed since the COVID-19 pandemic began, more and more companies are finding themselves dependent on wide-spread use of social media and video applications such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. However, without the right training and long-term goal setting, enterprises may be missing the mark on best practices.

Pollinger, with his expertise in the realm of social media marketing and video conferencing, has found himself helping companies in new ways learn how best to utilize online platforms. According to Pollinger, business social media wasn’t really a focus for any business. However, in the decade-plus since the arrival of social media as a marketing tool, Pollinger has found his training programs being sought after by more individuals and companies than ever before.

Finding The Right Client & Goal

For Pollinger, the key to his own success is found in helping others understand and utilize social media and video conferencing tools properly. In his discussions with potential clients, he always seeks to answer two questions:

1. What platform are you trying to learn how to better utilize for your business?

2. Is this the right platform for your type of business, and are there others that could boost your capabilities?

To help businesses grow, Pollinger helps define the company’s long term goals, and then find proven methods to get them there effectively.

Boosting Business With The Right Tools

Before helping clients build a strategy for their business, Pollinger needs to spend time learning how to best serve them. With Remotehour, Pollinger has created a fast and easy method to connect with clients with a short and casual conversation.

Instead of messing with phone calls and back-and-forth email, Pollinger uses Remotehour to invite clients into his virtual office for a short consultation. With the help of Remotehour, Pollinger is seeing his clientele grow quickly, and is helping more individuals and companies than ever before reach their business goals.

How Remotehour Helped Jonathan Pollinger Boost His Business

For Jonathan, having the right digital communication product is key for helping him reach new clients and prove that he has the expertise to help them reach their goals. When looking for a tool to help him achieve his goals, RemoteHour met the mark.

No More Barriers: While video tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams involved barriers to conversation such as meeting scheduling and link-sending, Remotehour gives clients instant access to a fast conversion with Pollinger when he’s in his office. No link, no mess, just results.

Spontaneity: Pollinger notes that his favorite aspect of Remothour is the casual and spontaneous nature of the video communication service. With a simple tweet of “Drop into my virtual office!”, Pollinger can quickly let clients know that he is available to chat at the click of a button.

Relationship-Building: Remotehour’s easy access allows for Pollinger to build relationships with potential clients faster through short, 10-minute chats that focus on their brand needs and goals.

Making Relationships That Last With Remotehour

Pollinger’s favorite feature of Remotehour is the “digital doorbell,” which notifies you that someone is interested in chatting online. This allows for Jonathan to continue pushing ahead with his own work while being aware of individuals who may be wanting to reach him. This access helps boost his client trust and reputation with digital office hours.

For Pollinger, the decision to use RemoteHour has helped him boost his business with ease. The application’s powerful interface and easy-to-learn system makes it easy for him to connect with potential clients, customers, and continue to build relationships in an increasingly digital marketplace.