Many of those who are freelancing may use the phone, email, and any chat services to communicate with clients. On the other hand, you may be confused about which communication tools to use, or you may have issues with using too many tools.

Compared to employees, freelancers tend to work with more than one client at a time, and the average number of clients is estimated to be 14. And as the clients are global, the difficulty of communication would be much harder because they can’t see when you’re available.

All of these problems can be solved with Remotehour. We’re a product originally for freelancing, and working hard to reduce all the friction and hassle around the communication.

Here are ten reasons why freelancers select Remotehour to help them do it all and enhance their client base, their revenue, and their work style.

1. Time Zone Support

Hard to know what time it is or what time zone they are in working internationally. Also, you can talk to them even if it’s too late at night if you have irregular life-styles. It would be definitely beneficial for clients to tell you if your freelancers are in a position to communicate now.

All rooms show local time. So I don’t have to wonder if I should say “Good morning” or “Good evening” when the call begins.

Time Zone Support

2. Dedicated To 1 on 1 Meeting

We don’t support group calls so far. In other words, we’re a specialist for 1 on 1 meeting. The room will indicate that you’re on a call while you’re talking to someone else. Don’t worry, another person won’t come in during your call.

3. Multiple Platforms Support

All Remotehour rooms have a unique URL. Easily share them via email, SNS, and any other messaging services.

I guess you may be communicating on different platforms, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or UpWork, for each client. This is where link sharing can be very effective.

4. Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

Do you have your own website? One of the coolest things about Remotehour enables you to embed a room on your website. It's a totally original feature! All you have to do is grab the iframe tag in your dashboard and put it on your website.

It would definitely help you turn website visitors into new clients. Some users of us embed Remotehour underneath their blog posts and ask what to think about it directly.

Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

5. Easy To Get Started

Don’t have to download the app when you get started with Remotehour. We’re basically a service for browsers. Each room is automatically generated and all you have to do is invite your clients to your room.

6. No Burden On The Clients

Guests who talk to you don’t have to register or download anything. They just need to give their name, message, and video permissions, with one click, they can connect to you. Some clients prefer to use their favorite video call app, but Remotehour is hassle-free, they would definitely agree to switch to us in no time at all.

7. Available To Communicate With Other Clients During A Call

The next person who talks to you can queue up or send a message to you like a doorbell. If there are other people in line, you will be able to take care to hang up the current call as soon as possible.

8. Mobile Support

Of course, Remotehour is mobile friendly. We now support an iOS app that will automatically start your office hours when you set up the online timer or when it’s time for your scheduled office hours.

9. Earn Through Calls

Want to consult in your free time? Remotehour rooms can be integrated with Stripe Connect. You can set a price per session to build a paid room once you connect. Your available 10 minutes could turn into $100!

Earn Through Calls

10. Customize Rooms For Each Client

You want to have dedicated rooms for each client. Remotehour allows you to create rooms one at a time and you can set each room’s URL, session timer, and integrated apps.

How To Make A Video Chat With Your Clients

Enhance Your Freelancing

All you have to do is invite your clients to your office during hours. Both existing and new clients can unify all of their communications with only Remotehour.

We couldn’t be happier if our features can help you with your freelancing in any way. And if there’s a new feature you want, feel free to request us!