Let’s open your door and invite your followers to come to your office hour, shall we? Twitter works best with us. Here are some tips on how you can get more out of Remotehour.

What Is Beneficial To Tweet Your Remotehour?

Who are your followers? Have you talked to them? Before you know, you may be followed by those who should be connected to each other. However, the way we currently get to know each other through Twitter is extremely cliched.

“Hey! I’d like to talk to you!” And it feels a bit weird to send a kind of DM. Every once in a while, I got these kinds of messages from the followers but I couldn’t find a reason to talk to them and eventually forgot to reply. But the strange thing is that we can have a conversation with people we meet at an event or conference without knowing any information about them.

While we’re in “want to talk to somebody” mode, it’s a natural conversation, regardless of who they are. So you should tweet “I’m free right now, anyone wants to talk to me?” instead of DM.

What if the Remotehour link was attached to the tweet then? Don’t you think your followers will feel safe and comfortable talking to you without any hesitation? Remotehour offers serendipity where you can meet the people you should be meeting.

How To Integrate With Twitter

To tweet the link, simply navigate to Dashboard and click the Twitter icon on the room that you want to tweet.

Or you can set up an automatic tweet when you’re online on Remotehour. To integrate with Twitter, visit the Room tab on the Dashboard. Locate the page you would like to integrate, and find the gear on the right side of the page. Expand the menu and click “Edit”.

Room Card

You can find the “Integrations” tab and click to go. This is where you’ll find a list of apps that can be integrated with Remotehour, and the Twitter part is placed at the top of the list. So, click to “Integrate with Twitter” and connect your Twitter account to your room.

Integrate with Twitter

Once the integration is complete, you can edit what you tweet then.

Edit Twitter content

No worries. Your room will only tweet at the first time it comes online in a day. Also it generates the awesome Twitter card which helps to promote your room on Twitter.

Remotehour Twitter card

Remotehour + Twitter

The Best Tweet For Sharing Your Link

Here are preferable tweet templates that perfectly position the value of inviting the followers to your office hour on Remotehour. This first tweet is the most default pattern:

A warm welcome to anybody who talks to me. Feel free to walk into the 3 mins room and say hi from the below link.

We highly recommend you to combine how many minutes you talk to the tweet. The short minutes will let the followers less scattered mentally.

Looking for something more specific? Here are a few more message templates hand-picked for some of the most common use cases:

Social Recruiting

Are you a developer? Would you like to work with me? The first step is jumping on my 5 mins call room and talking to me :) Please come to my room from the below link.

Advisory Office Hours

Are you a founder who needs a little marketing help? I will open the video call room for the next hour. Just click the button and talk to me for 5mins.

Tester Discovery

Could you give me only 3 mins? I want you to test our new amazing app. Would you mind jumping to our room with the Remotehour link?

General Networking

Hey Twitter. I’m going to open my free space for the next few hours. Don’t hesitate to knock on my room :) Excited to talk to you!

Start Tweeting Your Link Today

Difficult to meet new people since COVID-19. Before we often meet new people in real-life and keep in touch with them on the Internet. But from now on, meeting and connecting with new people on the Internet will be the new norm.

Tweeting Remotehour will be the first step in getting you started in business networking in the remote work world!