Video platforms such as "Youtube" and "Udemy" are the means of online learning when you want to acquire useful knowledge or learn something new, but you can learn more about a particular topic or ask that person directly. is "Superpeer".

Superpeer supports professionals and creators, founded in June 2020 in San Francisco. Considering that you get paid to share your accumulated knowledge and experience, it seems like it could be done on a video platform, but what makes Superpeer unique is that it offers more value for the expert's time.

Experts use one-on-one video calls to provide their knowledge to customers. First, they upload an introductory video, exposing their available hours and desired rates. Once set up to this point, Superpeer handles the booking, calling, and payment. The appointments are linked to a professional calendar and a 10% fee is added.

In addition to one-on-one sessions, the company also offers paid channels. In a paid channel, experts can video and chat with multiple people for a subscription fee. The service will be like a regular course.


In summary, the features of Superpeer are as follows

  • Paid calls with fans
  • Specializing in the knowledge area
  • Commission business
  • Appointment only

Video chat like Superpeer is a red ocean. Here we will introduce an alternative service to Superpeer.


Remotehour is a productivity tool that specializes in one-on-one video chats, and while Superpeer is invite-only, anyone can start it. It uses office hours as a video mechanism, which means that guests who want to talk to the host can get in line and start a video, with no need for a schedule.

No Commission

Remotehour allows you to create a billing room. To create a billing room, you need to subscribe to a premium plan for $12 per month, but you won't incur a fee for every traction; the average amount exchanged on Superpeer is over $100, so the fee should be at least $10 per transaction. With this in mind, it is calculated that the monthly payment will soon pay for itself.

Also, Stripe Connect is used for payments, and many people feel comfortable using it because it has the Stripe brand on it.


Only When You’re Available

Superpeer and other services are based on bookings. However, for busy professionals, the disadvantage is that low-priority appointments are filled one after another. In fact, when I used Superpeer, I was rescheduled so many times that I have yet to have a conversation with the host.

Remotehour allows hosts to receive calls in their free time. Therefore, the real-time nature of the system will greatly reduce the burden on both parties.

Other Alternatives

There are still many services that offer systems like Superpeer and Remotehour.


Clarity is a platform where you can get business advice on calls owned by On the platform, you can find the expert you want to ask and make a request. The service is rarely updated, and you won't get a response to your request, leaving you with the impression that the price per minute is rather high.


Meetfox is not just a scheduling tool, it's a professional tool that manages online scheduling, video calls, invoicing for immediate payment, client meetings, and more seamlessly. In terms of functionality, it does the same thing as Superpeer, but is more calendar-specific.

Make Money with Video Chat!

Try a variety of tools and start your business with the video chat that's right for you. And if you're not comfortable with making money out of the blue, you can share a Remotehour one-on-one call and see who calls you