Previously mentioned Tandem. As remote working becomes more commonplace, software that provides a virtual office for video chat services like Zoom and Google Meet is gaining attention. Collecting.

The hallmark of a virtual office is chit-chat. It's hard to have a little chit-chat with a video chat tool that meets formally at a set time. One option is to leave the video chat connected, but this is a bit awkward as it is not the usual way to use it. There are always voice-connected rooms available, and when you enter a room, you can talk to the members in that room easily. Entering the room itself means that you are being spoken to, so if you ask "Do you have a minute? And no permission is needed.

What’s Pragli?

Pragli helps remote teams create and manage their own avatars to move between rooms and communicate with other members.


There are various dressable avatars. Usually, these services require you to prepare your own profile picture, but Pragli allows you to create and display your own avatar. You can create and display your own avatars by creating your own hair and skin color, eye shape, clothing design, accessories, etc., to show your individuality or to change your mood.

Switch Avatar

Customize Status

When you enter a virtual office, you will find it useful to know what other members are doing right now. Set your original status from [Set Status] in the top left corner of the screen. It can be as unique as going to lunch or walking the dog.

Switch Status

Also, it's good to know the attendance. When you work remotely, it's hard to know who's at work; with Pragli, starting up means going to work, and leaving means leaving.

All-in-one Communication

Pragli features avatars, but you can also switch to video calling. If you want to frown, turn on the video. In addition to video chatting, it supports various forms of communication, including text chat, screen share, and voice only. Chatting is also displayed on the right side of the screen so you don't have to deal with the hassle of opening a new window, which is one of the features of Pragli.

Focus Mode

While you can connect quickly, you may find it annoying. Sometimes you want to concentrate on your work. In such cases, you can set the close door to solve the problem. From [Configure door], you can configure the door and no one can talk to you when it is closed.

Multiple Device Support

As a difference from Tandem, Pragli also supports browsers. Virtual office software is supposed to be open all the time and is more likely to consume memory when opened on the desktop. It will be much easier to use it in the browser.


It works with Slack, Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar, and Spotify. When you sync your calendar, your appointments will appear on your avatar, making it friendlier to visitors to your room. You can also share the music you're listening to with your team by integrating Spotify.

What’s Remotehour? The Best Pragli Alternative

Can't Connect With Outsides Partner

Virtual offices are EXCLUSIVE - just like Slack, you can only talk to the people in the room. You have to use Zoom or Google Meets to talk to people outside the team, such as clients or freelancers.

Remotehour has a system similar to Pragli, but with external audiences as well. Each room will be issued a URL and you will be able to share this and they will be able to talk to you when you are online.

A Bit Complicated

Pragli is as complicated as it can be. For those who are new to remote working, it can be confusing. It lacks simplicity as status and door concepts get mixed up and there are a lot of clickable buttons. However, if you want to achieve talking as if you were opening a door, there must be a better way.

Remotehour is superior to any video chat app in simplicity. The host changes whether he or she is online or away with an easy-to-understand toggle. Guests can connect with one click with no registration or installation required.

Hard To Take Notes

It's hard to keep track of one meeting because meetings somehow occur and end. It's easy to forget what we talked about. It's fine for small talk, but when you're in the middle of brainstorming or important discussions, you'll find it inconvenient.

Remotehour allows you to archive all the chats, minutes, and recordings that occur in your meetings. It's easy to talk to and still keep all your data in detail, which is why people love it.

Schmooz A Lot

Easier than being in an office, and you may find yourself lingering for hours at a time. Because of the ease of the virtual office, you can lose track of time. Another problem is that once you start talking, it's hard to find the right moment to end the conversation.

All Remotehour sessions have a timer that counts down; if you set it to 30 minutes, the session will automatically disappear after 30 minutes. You'll find this kind of time-consciousness useful.

Let’s Virtual Office!

Pragli is very useful for in-depth communication with remote teams, and Remotehour can be a useful tool not only for remote teams but also for communicating with people outside the company. Get started with a free one-click video chat!