Isn't it about time you started to get stifled by working from home alone?

"Remote work is work from home" may be a strong image since it was introduced all at once during quarantine, but "working in the city while living in the suburbs," "Working on the go," "Working in a cafe, is also remote work.

Work from home was good at first, but unlike an office, it's not a space designed for working, and after a long period of time, it's probably time to start feeling more and more frustrated. You may have children, noisy living noises, or you may be distracted by other things that make it difficult to concentrate.

In COVID-19, let's take a look at some of our recommendations for making the best use of a place to work outside of the home to continue Remote Work without stress. Naturally, we will also introduce the use of appropriate workspaces with social distance in mind.

Essential list for remote work

The first prerequisite is that the environment has a Social Distance.

You should always make sure that COVID-19 measures are in place before using the facility. Also, when visiting the facility, you should take thorough measures to prevent infections, such as checking your condition and wearing a mask.

Also, make sure that the environment is comfortable for work with these things in place.

  • High-speed internet
  • Enough workspace
  • Equipment
  • Don't worry about the surrounding noise
  • Privacy can be ensured
  • Good access from home

Let's choose a space from among these conditions.

6 Best Places Where to Work Remotely



Cafes are easy to find in the vicinity and do not cost a lot of money for space. All you need to do is buy a cup of coffee or a snack and you'll have a space to work. If you choose the right location, the atmosphere will be pleasant and you will have exactly the right amount of time to get away from work from home.

However, cafes are not good for infection control because of the number of people coming and going. Also, due to this effect, many spaces may not be allowed to be used inside. As a result, you can't expect utilities such as internet access and power supply, so users will be limited to three hours for relaxation.



In the wake of the COVID-19 blow, hotels are increasingly offering remote work in hotels as a customer acquisition measure. The advantages of hotels are private space, privacy, and good internet access.

However, a hotel is a hotel and the price is high. It would be preferable to use it only on the day of an important meeting or as a special occasion to boost motivation.

Coworking Space

Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have been churned out in the same way as offices, but with the relaxation of the quarantine period, they are also starting to see a little more use. As well as being well-equipped as an office, you can certainly concentrate on your work better than in any other facility.

As with cafes, people will be coming and going, so infection control is essential. You should look for coworking spaces that are designed with social distance in mind.



As long as you have an Internet connection, or if you work without it, you might be able to work outdoors. With Work from Home, you might even be able to end the day without going outside.

The outdoors is not a good place to work, of course, so while it's good for relaxation, it's probably hard to work for long. You should also take good care of yourself in winter, as your body tends to get colder and colder, so you should take good care of yourself before you go out.



When COVID-19 first started, few universities were allowed in. However, with infection control measures in place, more and more colleges and universities are slowly being let in. Universities have more space than homes and other facilities, which makes it easier to take social distance.

Even though it is a large facility, people will still come and go, so you should take measures against infectious diseases.

Friend's House


Going to work at a friend's house who lives nearby would be a good idea; working from home would be a stressful experience as there would be less face-to-face interaction. At a friend's house, few people come and go, and a minimal level of infection control would be sufficient.

However, if you go to a friend's house, you may find yourself talking too much and may not be able to concentrate on your work. Also, if your friends are infected, the distance between you and them increases the probability of infection. The opposite is also true.

Just Don’t Work from Home

If you are bored with your work from home, you may want to take measures to prevent infections and go to work elsewhere. Also, if you find yourself talking to people less and less on Work from home, you may want to try Remotehour.

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