In order to receive support on Patreon, you must set up a reward. Unlike an investment or donation, you must give back to your supporters for the amount of money they give you. The fame and creator's activities are of course necessary to earn money on Patreon, but the ability to make these rewards attractive to supporters is also the key to receiving support.

Here are some tips on how to get more support on Patreon, especially to build rewards that fit your Patreon.

Patreon Rewards

Rewards Lead To Success For Patreon

1. Set The Most Attractive Reward For A $100 Reward

Rewards can be priced in the $3~$1.5M range. In fact, I've never heard of anyone buying more than $1M in rewards, and I've never seen anyone line up, and the average amount supported on Patreon is said to be around $100 or so, so I'd recommend including a main, attractive return in this price range.

That said, it will vary depending on your Patreon category and audience demographic. Try to set your main rewards in the price range that will be purchased the most.

2. Prepare Multiple Rewards

Ten to twenty different types of rewards can be used for different supporter patterns. Let's increase the number of rewards from the supporter's point of view: what kind of people would support the rewards, and what kind of people would support these kinds of rewards.

3. Rewards Should Be Detailed

Provide details about what and how much you will do. If they don't get more than you expect after they buy, supporters will leave. It may also create a bad rumor. Be sure to explain the details of your rewards so there are no misunderstandings.

6 Common Reward Ideas Anyone Can Offer

Reward ideas are important, but you'll have trouble finding ideas. Trying to find ideas, you may not be able to draw or dance. All of the rewards presented here can be offered to anyone.

The information required for Patreon's rewards is Title, Price, and Description. (Images are optional) The title should be clear and the details should be detailed so that there is no discrepancy.

Office Hours by Remotehour

Most Recommended Reward. Less time consuming to create, but expected to be very satisfying to supporters, Remotehour is an office hour style video chat that only allows you to receive calls at your pre-determined times.

For example, tell your supporters that you will be holding office hours on Wednesday at 3:00 PM for two hours and share the Remotehour link with them. Then, at that hour, all you have to do is open the app and take the call from them. It's insanely effortless!

Zoom? Sure, some Patreon offers office hours via Zoom, but it's not a one-to-one thing. Which is more satisfying, an hour-long conversation with twenty or more people, or three minutes of one-on-one time with each person? The answer is needless to say.

Other supporters who want to talk will be in a queue during you’re talking. If you have a lot of supporters and you want to split up the conversation, you can send them each a temporary one-time link.

Your supporters will definitely be thrilled to have a direct conversation with you and will continue to subscribe.


Join the Discord Community

This is one of the rewards Patreon recommends. Create a Discord, which you can create for free, and create a community of supporters. This advantage is that you, as well as your supporters, may be happy with the connection between your supporters. However, running a community is not easy and will take much more time than Remotehour.

Sign Up For The Exclusive Newsletter

Newsletters and the content you create will be valuable to your supporters. It is better to send it once or twice a week. However, creating newsletters and content is very time-consuming. If you have a lot of supporters, it will work, but if you don't have many, the cost will be high.

Invitations To Exclusive Live Chats

You could invite people to a limited live chat on Twitch or even Youtube. However, it may not be possible to make these services limited. It's easy to conduct live chats, but it's also a DISADVANTAGE that not many supporters feel it's worth it because it's usually done for free.

Create Video Letter

A video letter will be sent to each of them. This kind of generous support would be effective at a time when you don't have a lot of supporters yet. But you need to get to know each person, and it takes time to produce a single video. Rather than sending one-way messages, supporters are more likely to be happy with a Remotehour-like conversation.

Write a direct message.

Less hassle than a video letter, and it's nice to receive a message in person. However, you may not find much value in the message because it is sent in the same text no matter who writes it. You'll be happier to talk to someone on Remotehour than to write a message in the same minute.

Best Reword for Patreon

If your supporters want to help you, they'll want to get to know you better. And the best solution is to talk to you - with Remotehour, you can receive calls without giving out your contact information, but only when you're online. Let's sign up to try it out first.