We live in an age where there is nothing you can't learn if you want to learn something. Online learning courses have advanced, making it easy to take the classes you want to take and the skills you want to learn. Also, if you have the same aspirations, you can get actual mentoring from someone else.

Online mentoring platforms can be a place where people learn and connect people through experiences. Have you ever wanted to be a mentor? There may be someone out there somewhere in the world who wants to learn from you about the career and skill.

Here are seven online mentoring platforms to help you get started.

7 Online Mentoring Platforms



Website: https://remotehour.com

A 1:1 video calling solution. You set the price, flag it online when you're available, and anyone can talk to you with one click. You don't have to schedule every time with your mentee.

Also, the biggest difference with other online mentoring platforms is that Remotehour doesn't charge you any fees for the mentoring you incur.



Website: http://clarity.fm/

The highest number of registered mentors among online mentoring platforms, with multiple categories such as Business, Sales & Marketing, Funding, Product & Design, Technology, Skill & Management, and Industries.

Quoted a fee per minute of speaking with a mentor, which is roughly $5-$20 per minute. Prominent influencers and high-caliber business people are also signed up as mentors.

Anybody can easily sign up by adding their skills and the items they can mentor. Because it’s a marketplace, you don't have to attract customers yourself, but Clarity charges you a commission for each session.

Growth Mentor

Growth Mentor

Website: https://www.growthmentor.com/

Growth hack, an online mentoring platform specializing in marketing; rather than a lineup of micro-influencers like Clarity, proven mentors have been selected; growth marketers at companies like Facebook, Quora and Uber Many marketers who have been

They keep the criteria for mentors constant, so you can't only sign up and become a mentor. However, it is possible to apply through the website. If you're confident in your marketing skills, you can be a mentor. Being a GrowthMentor will also give you confidence in one's ability to be a GrowthMentor.



Website: https://superpeer.com/

Just like Clarity, you can receive mentoring from startup influencers. Currently, you can join a mentor on an invitation-only basis. They don't have a platform, so you will have to find your own mentees by attracting customers.



Website: https://codementor.com

This is a platform where you can meet a mentor who can help you with your programming questions and resolve your error codes in no time. Anyone with engineering skills can sign up and start mentoring.

Unlike general online mentoring platforms, there is often a need for urgency, and you are chosen based on what kind of career and skills you have, rather than whether you can be mentored immediately. You can make $100 to $200 per mentoring session.


Micro Mentor

Website: https://www.micromentor.org/

Organized as an ecosystem to connect entrepreneurs with career advisors, there are no monetary transactions occurring on the MicroMentor platform, it only serves to connect mentors.

You can find mentors in a wide range of business-related genres, without bias by category. Also, anyone can become a mentor by registering.

Tech Ladies

Tech Ladies

Website: https://www.hiretechladies.com/

A huge women's social advancement community boasting over 100K members, it was started in 2015 in New York City by Allison Esposito Medina and continues to expand with women and technology as its key words.

To become a mentor or receive mentoring, you have to pay a monthly membership fee of $79. It is expected to be worth more than the membership fee, as many prominent startup women founders are affiliated with the company.

Let’s Start Mentoring!

There are still many other online mentoring platforms out there. I highly recommend mentoring as a side hustle with your skills and career, as it's not a burden and you can enjoy meeting mentees.

If you're not ready to receive money yet, why not open up free mentoring to those around you on Remotehour? You don't need a schedule, just a consultation when you're available. Meet your first mentee!