As remote work is becoming more and more common, there is a clear distinction between jobs that can be done remotely and jobs that cannot be done remotely.

With the exception of a few IT-related jobs, there are still not many jobs that can be done completely remotely.

Here’re some tips about the requirements for remote work, the challenges of remote work, and the future of remote work through the types of jobs that are currently being worked remotely.

6 jobs that are suited to remote


There are several types of engineers. Infrastructure engineers who are required to stay at the customer's site or sales engineers who are mainly in sales are not suitable for this kind of job. A system engineer who can perform system development proposals, design, and testing with a single PC or a programmer who can program based on a design document created by a system engineer would not need an office.

Often said that companies don’t have a problem hiring engineers remotely as long as they have the skills and can communicate to some extent. That’s why most software companies have been able to become fully remote without difficulty with COVID-19.


Just like engineers, designers and illustrators don't need an office anymore. In particular, website design and UI/UX related illustration work is on the rise, and as long as you have the skills and the environment to work in, you can work from anywhere.

In the case of designers, they can do better work in a creative environment, and the freedom to work in a creative environment is said to contribute to the quality of their work, rather than being confined to the office. In order to take remote jobs as a designer, you'll need to have a portfolio of design and illustration work ready in advance, as you'll need to have a proven track record of design and illustration work.


It's a job that involves writing articles at a company's request. A few companies have set up blogs as a method of marketing, and proportionately, writing jobs are increasing as well. In addition to writing, writers are also involved in a wide range of related tasks such as editing, proofreading, and proofreading.

Because we live in an age where anyone can send out information via social networking sites and blogs, the bar for entry is not as high as it used to be. That's why you'll need to constantly collect information and improve your skills, as well as network with others in the business world in order to make it work.

Web Marketer

As the demand for the Web has increased, marketing work has become more and more centered on the Web. Some companies may be forced to meet face-to-face with clients, but this can usually be done remotely.

Marketing skills don't come from study alone. Marketing skills are not something that can be learned and practiced only after being developed hands-on in a company. Therefore, it is difficult to become a remote marketer without any experience.

Web Director

Although there are some parts that cover the work of a system engineer, web direction and management work is also increasing. Unlike engineers, they don't need to write code, but they create specifications and communicate with the engineers and designers who work on the project.

At first glance, it may seem that you don't need to have any skills to do this, but it's a job that requires experience above all else. Managing the engineers on the project and coordinating with the client, although it can be done remotely, your experience level will make all the difference in how well you do your job.

Inside Sales

Salespeople tend to think that their job is to sell their products, but nowadays, their main job is to work with customers to come up with solutions to their problems. The inside sale is a job that can be done remotely, using tools other than face-to-face, such as email and phone calls.

With COVID-19 eliminated a pall over the future of field sales, the switch to inside sales is becoming more widespread. The key to selling in the remote era will be how to build a relationship with customers on-site.

3 Things Enables To Work Remotely

No Location Constraints

All of the jobs listed above have one thing in common: they all work primarily on the Web, and the best feature of Web-based work is that all you need is a computer with the necessary software installed and an Internet connection to do the job. If we can prepare a PC and the Internet by ourselves, we don't need to work in the office.

On the contrary, those who need a big line of work in the field, nursing care workers who need physical care, medical care workers, and research workers who need special equipment are not suitable for remote work at the moment.

The Deliverables Are Clear

One of the reasons why remote work is not accepted is because of the company's evaluation system. In remote work, where it's hard to see if you're really doing the work, jobs with deliverables that can be fairly evaluated are preferred.

Jobs with clear deliverables such as programs, manuscripts, and designs are easier to evaluate and are better suited for remote work.

Work Can Be Done Alone

Nothing in remote work that requires multiple people to work together to get the job done. Most of the time, you can work alone to get the job done. Even though one person may not be able to complete a single project, we can divide up the work and each person has an individual role to play.

The scope of work is clear, which makes it easy to be employed as a remote worker, and it is also easy to communicate via the Internet.

The Future Of Remote Work

Attention To The Suburbs

As the need to go to the office disappears, more companies will cancel their offices. At the same time, people who have been living in the proximity of the office will have no reason to stay there. In general, given that urban areas are expensive, more people will move to the suburbs after making a rational decision.

The Industrial Structure Will Change

The tourism and food service industries were hit hard by COVID-19, and even if the COVID-19 is cured, it is unlikely that these industries will recover any time soon. It is also unlikely that a similar event will not occur, so it is likely that personnel in these industries will move to a type of business where they can work remotely.