The power of Remotehour lies in inviting guests to your video call room where the right people connect with you instantly. By now, you’ve set up your rooms, but without inviting customers and other contacts, you won’t invite them to your office hour.

Inviting the guest to office hours is not yet general. Therefore, your customers may not understand if you just send them a link without any explanation.

Here’re some best practices that would definitely help you to invite your customers to office hours without any misunderstandings.

What is Remotehour link?

Each type of office hour has a fixed URL that can be customized and shared. This allows you to change the session timer and availability based on the purpose of the office hours and who you want to invite.

Getting a link to the office hours, just go to your dashboard and click “Copy link” for the office hours you want to share. Of course, you can also edit the URLs of the office hours.

Copy Remotehour Link

How should I share my office hour links?

Remotehour allows your invitees to connect with you as long as you have office hours open. It works on a spontaneous concept and you don’t have to schedule or back-and-forths messages with your invitees any more.

The most common way to share your link is through email. All you have to do is copy and paste your link and then your invitee can connect with you in seconds while you’re online on Remotehour. You do text, schedule meetings, and connect with Zoom. Why don’t you click the button to instant video chat?

Click To Connect Remotehour

Your office hour links can be used in any messaging platform, not just email. Include your link in your email marketing, in-app message, LMS, client portal.

Recommend you to tweet a link on Twitter if you want to get connected with your followers. They will be able to walk in your room through the given link and connect with you. You can also embed it on your website and connect directly with your website visitors.

You can directly invite your guests on Remotehour

Besides sharing the link, we have another way to invite your office hour. It’s an “Invite” that allows you to automatically notify your invitees by email when you start your office hours.

Go to your room settings and click to “Invited Guest”

Invite Your Guest

Connect without any efforts

The more we work remotely, the more video conferencing has been held a lot. Isn’t that tedious, Remotehour must be a life hack tool that can make many meetings a lot shorter?

Are you a professor? Hard to schedule and do office hours with each of your students. Try pasting your link to your website or send it directly to them.

Are you a HR representative? I know it’s a chore to read a massive entry dorm. Share your link and talk to prospective employees at a set time. 3mins call is worth a thousand words.

Office hours apply to a lot of people, even sales people and entrepreneurs.

Start your office hour today

Don’t you feel tired of scheduling and messaging back and forth? Office hour is a new way to schedule office hours that allows you to connect with invited guests when you’re available. Just share the link or invite them to join you with their email address.

In some cases, you may want to offer the special office hour to people with whom you want to connect temporarily. In those cases, the Ad hoc room will definitely help you. It places a one-time room by simply setting a session timer and an expiration date.

Customize your office hours in a way that works best for you and enjoy a new video call where you can connect without having to schedule or messages!