Customer support, which accurately responds to customer inquiries, is an important part of customer satisfaction. Since the nature of the inquiries ranges from sensitive tasks such as responding to complaints to minor requests, it is difficult to streamline and systematize the process. It is also necessary to change the interface to match the channel the customer is using, such as chat and social networking services.

In this article, we will introduce some recommended solutions, using Intercom and Zendesk as examples of customer support tools.

What to Solve?

What problems are solved by customer support tools in the first place? Up until now, it has been common to use phone calls, emails, and FAQ pages. However, as the number of inquiries increases, more efficient systems are required, and the number of layers that do not use the phone or email is increasing.

It is against this backdrop that specialized solutions for customer support were born. Characteristically, they do not require customers to install or register but can access the team at a low cost.

Company Benefits

  • Customer relationship efficiency
  • Increase CVR
  • Satisfied customer
  • Real-time support to customers
  • Multiple customers deals

Customer Side Benefits

  • Feel free to connect
  • A better customer experience
  • Quick solution

In some industries, customer support tools may not be accepted and legacy methods may be chosen, but as a major trend, email and phone calls will replace customer support tools in the future.

Comparison of customer support chat

Representative tools include Zendesk and Intercom, and the features and strengths of Remotehour, a call-driven service.

Zendesk Support

Zendesk is chosen by more than 200,000 companies for its software to manage, create tickets and handle all inquiries, whether chat, email or phone, in one place, efficiently. They have multiple services for each channel, administration, FAQ, email, and chat, but in this article, we will look at Zendesk Support, which is responsible for customer support chat.

Key Features

  • Integration with other Zendesk solutions
  • Unified management
  • Support for multi-channel inquiries

All inquiries are centralized in Zendesk Support and can be shared with the team as "tickets". The status and communication history of the ticket can be instantly checked and updated in real-time. Information can be shared among agents through private comments in tickets, and macro functions can be used to respond quickly. You can also manage customer information and various benchmarks, and customize views, which will contribute to the efficiency of support operations.

Zendesk Support


Often compared to Zendesk, Intercom is a messaging platform that connects service operators with customers and focuses on nurturing prospective customers. By embedding a few lines of code, you can embed chat widgets at the top of the web, track users' movements on your site in real-time, and manage customer information.

Key Features

Accumulate frequently asked questions and knowledge Manage and analyze user data Notify users of announcements Real-time chat with users

In the first place, companies can issue coupons or conduct AB tests on their site visitors, with the primary goal of creating a knowledge base for customers to solve their own problems. If you can't solve a problem with the knowledge base, you can provide real-time chat support.



While the two mentioned so far have mainly focused on communication such as chat support and email, Remotehour is a platform to develop support via video chat. You can create video chat rooms for talking to customers, link them together, and incorporate them into the service's website.

Key Features

Connect with customers in one click Centralized management of calls and messages with users Customize Availability Status Faster than anywhere else available

What customers want is to solve their issues quickly and clearly. The best way to achieve this is through video chat; Remotehour allows you to ticket and manage their communications without burdening your customers. Also, video chat is highly customizable and can be utilized according to the size of the team.


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