Slack is a tool for internal communication that supports business people. You can use it for free, and many of you may be using it internally. One of the features of Slack is its ability to integrate with many external tools. By integrating with the various tools that you have installed within your company, you can gather information from each of them in Slack and operate the tools from Slack, which is expected to improve your business efficiency.

In addition to business efficiency, communication between employees is becoming more and more serious. Remote working, which is an online interaction, reduces the opportunities for communication and internal interaction because there is no face-to-face interaction.

In this article, we will introduce some Slack bots that can actually be used for internal communication today, including the importance of online internal communication and its benefits.


Internal social events where employees gather to share the same experience are important events that promote communication and motivation within the company. Internal social events can also help employees feel more connected to other employees and increase their sense of belonging to the company.

It can be difficult to have an internal interaction in an online context. However, without regular opportunities for internal interaction, employees will feel lonely and their sense of belonging to the company will fade. Active online internal interaction as well as business communications should be solved by remote working.


In this section, we will introduce the advantages and benefits of online internal interaction.


Normally, when we think of "internal communication," we think of company trips, barbecues, get-togethers, and other events where everyone gathers at a venue. However, with online corporate networking, there is no need to book a venue. Since each person can participate from home, travel time is reduced and the barriers to participation are lowered. Also, you can save on miscellaneous expenses such as transportation and food.

Easy to participate

There are a certain number of people who spend a day or an hour trying to do something in employee interaction and prefer to avoid these things. However, online internal interactions make it easier for all kinds of people to participate because they can participate from the comfort of their homes.

Recommended Slack Bots

In addition to improving business efficiency, there are a number of apps on Slack for internal interaction. Here we will introduce a selection of effective ones that can be introduced immediately.



One-click video chat, like Zoom or Google Meet, featuring a status on video chat that indicates your status. If your room is marked as online, you can connect right away.

It supports Slack integration, so as soon as you're online, you'll be notified in Slack. This allows you to get a chance to chat with people who might not normally be able to find the right time to make a call.



When you ask Potlatch for a meeting, it matches you with people who have the attributes you want to talk to. When you register with Potlatch, you set up your background, what you do, and the kind of people you want to meet, and Potlatch will manually adjust your schedule accordingly.



Once a week, they will randomly pair you up and create a channel with the person you were paired with. Every Monday at 10:00 a.m., they will randomly announce this week's matches. You will have a one-on-one meeting with your assigned partner to lengthen your schedule.

It gives employees who might not normally have contact with each other a chance to get to know each other. This is being actively adopted by large companies as it can lead to new business and innovation within the company.



It acts as a sort of internal blog where information about the employee is posted on Slack. Each week, an employee is selected from Icebreakers and is asked a few short, funny questions about himself or herself. The questions are automatically rolled out from the Bot.

Icebreakers allow employees to learn about a side of their colleagues once a week that they didn't know about, which naturally stimulates communication among them. This often becomes a conversation starter among employees, leading to lower turnover and higher satisfaction with the company.

Birthday Bot

Birthday Bot

The Birthday Bot automatically posts a congratulatory GIF and comment for each employee's birthday based on pre-registered information, eliminating the need for the Slack administrator to input each employee's birthday information.

It's a familiar feature on Facebook, and it makes you feel happy to be celebrated, even if it's just a birthday.

Let's Revitalize Communication

A single piece of communication can improve productivity and innovation, and it can move a company in the right direction. If you're experiencing communication challenges, why not try an app like the one we've introduced here?