Almost all people have been forced to work remotely since COVID-19. University professors, school teachers, and other educational institutions are no exception to this pandemic. The educational space has moved entirely online.

Have you started opening virtual office hours in addition to teaching online? This system allows educators to provide a video call link for students to receive calls at a set time.

Actually, Lisa, a professor in the philosophy department who works at Georgia State, opens her virtual office hours every Wednesday afternoon from 2 to 4 p.m. Students can go out and ask questions during those hours to summarize what they didn't understand in her class.

Office Hours vs Virtual Office Hours

Let’s dig a little deeper into what virtual office hours are. Generally, office hours are held in a professor’s room or in a room dedicated to office hours, such as at universities or employment agencies. However, it's conducted online. Unlike lectures, it's a place where students are available to ask any questions in private.

Virtual office hours are totally different from general office hours because it can be held anywhere; physical barriers are removed, office hours can be held from home, and students can take it from anywhere Work From Home. In other words, general office hours can’t be held currently.

However, there are a few problems when it comes to open virtual office hours using general video call applications.

1. Group Video Call

Every video call app is dedicated to a group video call. Of course a group video call is nice if the students want shared questions and answers. But, a group video call is not very appropriate for office hours, which are generally conducted on the basis of individual questions and answers.

Difficult to ask questions among multiple people that students want to ask individually. General office hours are one-on-one, so students feel free to ask whatever they want to ask.

2. Unproductivity

If one group video call has an office hour set up, students have to be on that call the entire time. Having to participate in an hour-long video call when what you want to hear is only 5 minutes long is a chore.

Video Call Is Limited

Not only are virtual office hours convenient, but COVID-19 doesn’t allow you to hold office hours on the premises. But, we’ve found that group video call apps like Zoom don’t work as well.

Remotehour is the one and only product that can solve this problem perfectly!

Why Remotehour Is The Best To Offer Virtual Office Hours?

You won’t be annoyed by a group video call and also students can join office hours just like general office hours, waiting for the person in front of them ro finish. Remotehour is more spontaneous and also offers an open door video call.

Here are four reasons why you should use Remotehour to conduct virtual office hours.

1. One-On-One

Actually, we don’t support a group video call. We’re working hard to create a video call that’s perfect for one-on-one use cases. The service doesn’t allow other people to interrupt the call.

2. Queue up

Instead of a group video call, other students who want to talk to you can be in a line. As soon as you’re done with the student you’re currently calling, you can call him/her. We have a doorbell feature where you can send and receive messages with people in a queue also during the call.

3. One Click To Connect

Students don’t need to register for the service or install anything at all. They can talk to you with a single click from your room shared URL. Don’t worry, the basic calling is the same as any other video calling app.

4. Remind Your Office Hours

Don’t you sometimes forget about office hours? We’ll send you Web notifications (or push notifications) when you pre-set office hours start. Also, your office hours will automatically come online with Chrome Extension.

How To Set up Virtual Office Hours

Now, let’s get started with Remotehour and setting up Virtual Office Hours.

Signup to Remotehour

Once you have successfully signed up, you will see the onboarding process. It would be quick and you will be able to follow the instructions as you go along.

Your room is automatically generated when you sign up.

Edit Room

Set the name, session timer on the edit screen. Recommend you to choose the name and URL that students can easily remember.

Setup Office Hours

Once you’ve finished setting up your room, it’s time to create your office hours. Now click on the Office Hours tab alongside the Edit tab.

Click the “Create” button on the Office Hours jumbotron. You will see a modal window and you can create office hours by choosing the day and time you plan to hold the meeting.

Schedule Day and Time

You may want to send them an invitation through “Invite Guest” if you know your student’s email addresses.

More Seamless To Connect With Your Students

Are you ready to optimize your virtual office hours with Remotehour? We’re adding new features every week to help you and your students connect more seamlessly. If you have any requests, please feel free to talk to us.