Customer Success is achieving by not only resolving customer issues but also proactively supporting them. In particular, the goal of customer success in call centers is to increase "customer loyalty". It refers to an indicator of how attached customers are to a product, service, brand, or company, which will keep them using you longer and deeper.

VS Customer Support

Customer support is a task that begins only when a user makes an inquiry. The requests vary, but they must be responded to appropriately and quickly. A passive stance is taken and the given problem is handled.

Customer Success, on the other hand, systematically increases customer loyalty after using the service and contributes to the customer's posterior growth. In order to take the initiative to show customers the path to success and increase customer loyalty, we must take the customer seriously, based on data and qualitative evaluations.


Historically, marketing activities have been focused on the customer before they use the service. But nowadays, the customer experience after using the service is becoming more and more important. The most important thing is not only to get them to use the service but also to keep them satisfied with the service.

The importance of repeat customers has been discussed for a long time, but even more so in light of the subscription model that is becoming a mainstream service.

Call Center

While the call center is to help customers solve their problems, that alone is not customer success. Solving a customer's problem is not enough to increase customer loyalty, as the customer stops short of being satisfied with the solution. The attachment will fade and customers will leave when other, better products are introduced.

Customer Success with the call center is about making customers feel successful by providing an experience that exceeds their expectations. Only when expectations are exceeded will customers say, "Great product! This will leave a strong impression that you are a "loyal customer".

In order to achieve customer success, the work of any department related to the product is essential, but the work of the call center, which is in contact with customers, cannot be ignored. We can't ignore the work of the call center, which interacts with the customer. And never ask?

Set KPIs

Churn rate

An essential KPI for measuring customer success is the churn rate. In general, the cost of acquiring a new customer is higher than the cost of retaining an existing customer. Therefore, you need to investigate the churn rate to keep costs down and generate stable sales.

Response Rate

Measure the percentage of customers who respond to the initiatives implemented. It measures actions such as email click rates and event participation. Customer success requires a proactive approach, but it is useless if the customer is not reached. The customer response rate confirms that you are delivering useful measures to your customers.

Usage Rate

Measure how customers use a service. It measures the rate of service logins, data change rates, and usage for a particular day. If product utilization is low, customers are more likely to churn because they are subscribed but not used.

4 Ways to Achieve Customer Success

Identify the Right Customer

Call center resources are limited. Even more so when it comes to early-stage startups. To minimize resources and achieve customer success, you need to identify the right customers.

While customer support has to respond to all issue inquiries, customer success is about providing the right services to the right customers.

Close to Your Customers

The call center is the next closest thing to a customer after service. The personality of the person in charge and the promptness of the response can be the feedback of the service. Even if the service is inorganic, the more you can imagine the face of the person inside, the more you can imagine the loyalty.

Due to these trends, it is not uncommon for the founders themselves to send emails and schedule interviews one by one. However, some customers don't like to be close to each other, so try to keep the distance between you and your customers.

Variety Proposal

Different customers have different reasons to love service. To achieve customer success and provide each customer with a personalized experience, operators need to have a wide range of choices.

For example, if a customer's request is not met by the service, they need to suggest a different service, look for a different approach, or recommend a downgrade. Customer Success prioritizes customer satisfaction more than the service being used.


To improve the customer experience, of course, call center work alone is insufficient. Customer success cannot be achieved without improving the quality of the underlying service.

The call center can collect both good and bad feedback from customers so that it can provide the right feedback with tips on how to improve customer loyalty. Cooperation between service development and the call center is a must.

Remotehour Replaces the Call Center

Here’s why Remotehour is the best choice for call center implementation.

Click, Not Number

Call centers are basic phones. In order to make a call, you have to enter a phone number and wait for it to connect. In recent years, people have become increasingly reluctant to use the phone, and in many cases, they have given up just to make a call.

Remotehour is a one-click solution. When users want to talk, they can connect seamlessly without leaving the site. It also supports site embedding, so users can connect without leaving your site.


Remotehour is also unique in that it is a full video chat. It also allows for video communication and screen sharing, something that was not possible on the phone. It allows users to communicate with each other more clearly and with nuances that could not be conveyed by voice alone.

Also, notes and recordings are archived with call history. When the number of calls with customers increases, it tends to be difficult to manage each customer and the information becomes cumbersome. In terms of consolidating information, Remotehour's features can be effective.

No Missed Calls

Not answering their inquiries is painful, and Remotehour makes it clear whether the call center is available or not so that there are no unanswered calls that go unanswered.

Also, if a representative is busy or unavailable due to other commitments, the next available time is predicted and displayed on the page. These considerations will lead to a higher level of customer trust.

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