COVID-19 has forced many companies to review their management and sales activities. Sticking to a general sales style before COVID-19 is highly likely to make it difficult for companies to recover, and there is no guarantee that this kind of infection and disaster will not occur again in the future.

Three Sales Problems In COVID-19

Can’t Visit Clients

First, it became extremely difficult to meet in person with clients. With many areas regulated by lockdowns, many companies have switched to work remotely. No one will be there if you visit your client’s office.

Even if regulations are relaxed, face-to-face opportunities are limited to a minimum. Fear of infection must often lead to refusal to visit. It’s no exaggeration to say that face-to-face sales are extinct.

Can’t Commute To Your Office

Clients are not the only ones without offices. Enclosed spaces are avoided, without exception, to combat the COVID-19. That’s what remote work is promoted more.

What used to be easy to discuss with colleagues and bosses is not easy when working remotely.

And Sales Don’t Go Up

If you can’t visit clients, your sales won’t increase as much as you would like. A decrease in sales will lead to a decrease in profits. This will cause a decline in profits and losses.

How To Connect With Your Clients

In order to perform well in COVID-19, all sales activities must be contracted online.

Thoroughly Follow Up With Existing Clients

Existing clients understand your products and services very well and are more likely to convert to sales. In order to increase sales consistently, you will need to make a thorough effort to follow up and support your existing clients and keep them coming back for more.

Acquiring new clients is essential for a company to grow. However, if a company is losing existing clients, it won’t be able to achieve stable growth, so it should introduce SFA and CRM and set up a customer management system.

10 Reasons Why Remotehour Will Benefit Freelancing

Efficient Approach To New Clients

If you look, you'll find plenty of tools to help you develop your clients. You'll also need to try out new sales tools and adopt the ones you see fit to DXify them.

Companies from all over the world could also be your potential clients, assuming you don't do any face-to-face sales. This is an opportunity to meet customers who want your product more.

Make A Video Chat With Your Customer

Before closing the deal, all you have to do in sales is to have a conversation with your customers. Phone Calls? It's hard to do this when there's no one in the office. When you call, no one will be there to answer the phone.

The most common way to do this is with Zoom. In this case, you can 1) back and forths messages, 2) schedule meetings, and 3) connect with a Zoom call. It's too many steps to just make a call to a customer. Of course, the more steps you take, the more likely it is that you will disengage.

Remotehour is one-click away from your customers. Create your own ‘always-on’ room that your customers can pop into, simply by clicking the link when you’re online. No downloads or registration required by your customers.

You have a unique URL for each of your rooms, which you can customize and share. This allows you to share the duration and intent of your meeting and who you’re inviting, It’s all tied to your room link!

To grab the link, simply navigate to your room card and click “Copy link” on the room that you want to share.

Copy link

Once you copy a link, all you have to do is paste your link to your email.

Send email

Keep online during your working hours or install Chrome Extension. You can get calls only when you’re online on the app.

What if you're out of the office? Don't worry, Remotehour allows you to receive messages. It also has a subscription feature where your clients can get notified when you come back to be online.

Enhance Your Business

The key to sales efforts in COVID-19 is how efficiently you connect with your customers. You no longer have time to schedule or install videos.

Remotehour can be a secret weapon in your sales efforts. Connect with your customers before anyone else and improve your sales.