With the development of the Internet environment and the growing impact of COVID-19, the demand for inside sales is increasing. Inefficient methods such as field sales are being eschewed in favor of more accurate sales styles.

Inside selling itself is not new. Non-visit sales have been around for a long time. For example, telemarketing, which is approaching prospective customers by phone, and email sales, have been used for some time.

However, telemarketing focuses on getting appointments and only works in conjunction with door-to-door sales, and email sales require regular, simultaneous mailings, which is a disadvantage.

“Video Chat” is beginning to attract attention as a solution to the shortcomings of door-to-door sales and inside sales. Video chatting allows for the smooth completion of sales remotely while maintaining the security of face-to-face communication, which is one of the advantages of sales visits.

What Is Sales With Video Chat?

Field Sales

  1. Acquire leads
  2. Phone call sales
  3. Deal
  4. Closing

Salespeople often use the number of phone appointments as their KPI, so they tend to make low-prospect, inefficient appointments in order to achieve their goals.

Inbound Sales

  1. Acquire leads
  2. Newsletter
  3. Sell to those who clicked the link
  4. Closing

Video Chat for Sales

In sales activities, even if you offer a face-to-face meeting to meet and greet customers, you will have fewer opportunities to visit them as their demands increase, such as "time is not available" or "I am busy". From the customer's point of view, they have to meet with a lot of salespeople, and they only prioritize meeting with the ones who are really important.

Rather than a blatant recording of a face-to-face sales meeting, a video call with a recording system can serve as a record of the proceedings and avoid problems. Also, taking into account the type of business and corporate style of the customer, implementing sales activities via video calls also has the effect of being "hands-on".

Broadly speaking, companies can expect to both 1) increase speed and 2) reduce costs by using video chat. Therefore, they are adopting video calling internally first, then using it for meetings and business discussions, while also infusing it into their sales force.


As salespeople build a system that allows them to use video calls to advance their sales activities, and as their efforts become more widespread, there will be changes in the way salespeople work and the way the company works.

Much Better Than Mail or Phone Call

If you don't use a face-to-face approach in sales, and instead send frequent text-only emails, you're unlikely to get results, even if you can reduce travel time and costs. Emails may be missed, and it is difficult to communicate about products and services in text form alone, so it takes time for mutual understanding.

If you only follow up by phone, you can't see the other person's face, so you may not be able to give them a sense of security. In order to support outsourced sales, online business meetings via video calls are very effective.

More Productive

When a salesperson visits a customer for an appointment, let's say it takes an hour to travel. In this case, he spends about five hours a week, or about 20 hours a month on the road. If the person in charge moves with his assistant, he is using about 40 hours of travel time, which is the equivalent of one week's worth of work time in a person's place for travel.

Utilizing video calls to respond to customers will also lead to significant cost savings.

Best Video Chat for Sales

Although video chatting is convenient, there are some negative aspects of Skype, such as the need for clients to install it, and the need to know personal information about customers in the case of Face Time.

With Remotehour, you can connect with your customers without the need for them to install or register. It is a great way to lower the customer's threshold on sales video chat. It can also reduce stress as customers can connect instantly without the need for a schedule.

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