If you have no experience and no skills, you won't be able to freelance...

Some people who aim to become a freelance engineer in the future may have this kind of anxiety. If you've only heard of freelance work in words, and you don't have people around you working as freelancers, it's hard to imagine.

So, can you aim to become a freelance engineer, even if you have no experience? In conclusion, there is nothing to aim for, but it is never easy. Working as a freelancer means that there is no one else to take responsibility for you.

If you work in an organization, your fellow engineers may be able to help you. While it's important to be in an environment where you have people you can rely on, even as a freelancer, you basically have to do the work you take on by yourself.

Nevertheless, you can still aim to become a freelance engineer with no experience. Here are some tips on how to become a freelance engineer from scratch, even if you have no skills or experience.

Wrong Perception

Programming School

If your goal is to get engineering skills, programming schools are a worthwhile opportunity. If you include online, you'll be able to find schools to the stars. However, going to school does not mean that you can become a freelance engineer. In most cases, however, the goal of the school is to get a job.

You can learn skills in programming school, but you can't learn things such as communicating with customers that can only be learned in practice. Also, programming school is not always the best choice for you when it comes to learning skills.

Get an Engineering Job

It is not in vain to build up your skills in a company as an engineer. However, freelancers and full-time employees have a different mindset and actual duties. Also, some parts of the engineering profession are easier to change to freelance work and others are not. For example, infrastructure engineers mainly work in the field and maybe built differently in different companies.

If you want to become a freelance engineer, finding a job for the purpose of learning skills will be a detour instead. You will also hear of skilled engineers who become freelance but are unable to continue and find a job again.

7 Tips for Becoming a Freelance Engineer

Make What You Want to Make

Although you can become a freelance engineer with no experience, you can't become one without skills, of course. First of all, I recommend creating something that you want to create as a way to acquire skills in the shortest amount of time. A housekeeping book, a bulletin board, a smartphone app, whatever.

It doesn't matter how difficult it is. It's easier to stay motivated if it's difficult but you want to make it than if you don't want to make it but it's easy. Learning to program is not easy, so motivation is key.

Building something is the fastest way to acquire a skill. In order to build something, you not only have to write code, but you also have to understand the server-side, the infrastructure, and the structure of why the software is working. I highly recommend it as the first step in acquiring the skill.

Don't try to remember it perfectly

Some people don't get very far when they start learning to program because they think they have to learn all the structure and grammar. In the beginning, programming is all about getting it to work, and if it works, even if it's made up of sample code from the Internet, you're a programmer.

When we think of learning, it's easy to think of learning by understanding. However, the important thing in programming is to reproduce what you're asked to do, not to learn more about programming. As you become a professional, though, you should be able to write good code.

Set Deadlines

When you start learning to program, it's easy to linger over it because it's difficult. It is better to be aware of the importance of acquiring skills intensively in a short period of time as much as possible because if there is a gap between the two, you will soon forget it.

You should set deadlines for what you are going to do and when. This way of working can be an important way to control your work as a freelancer.

Getting Started on the Sidelines

Becoming a freelancer in your day job is risky. In particular, engineering work is often project-based, and you need to be creative in order to keep getting work on an ongoing basis. You also need to gain skills, you need to find clients, and if that doesn't work out, it's easy for your mental state to deteriorate.

A good place to start is to try taking freelance work on the side. Depending on the job, you may find it hard to combine it with your main job, but it's better than rushing to take on a tough job.

First Job from Your Friends

There are many sites where freelance engineers can look for work, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and many communities that exchange information on projects. However, I don't recommend taking orders through these sites when you're a beginner.

Dealing with complete strangers can be stressful and can easily lead to trouble because of our lack of experience. First of all, I recommend you to take a job from someone you know or someone around you who is in trouble at a discount.

Make Engineer Friends

Freelancers take on work on an individual basis. Unlike in a company, there is no colleague to talk to or rely on in a time of need. However, if you have a job, you can't help but feel that you will inevitably get into trouble on your own.

In such cases, it is important to have an engineer friend you can talk to. They should be people you can ask questions to when you need help or ask for a job when you have a problem you can't handle. Building these relationships is very important for a long freelance career.

Use Weekends

There are no weekends for freelancers. If you're going to freelance, I suggest you start using your weekends. Freelancing won't last if you don't love it and it won't last if it doesn't fit into your life. Having the motivation to use your weekends for work is a test of your ability to freelance.

Can Be a Freelance Engineer without Experience

It is harder for a skilled engineer to become a freelance engineer from no experience than it is for a skilled engineer to become a freelancer. But it's not impossible. In six months, you will be able to work as a great freelance engineer.

Let's start by taking projects and making what you want to make.