The ideal way to start freelancing is to have a day job and start a side hustle (affiliate or commissioned business) in your free time. That's the ideal way to start freelancing. However, the freelance example I'm going to introduce here is a pattern of starting an independent business with no skills and no clients. Naturally, there is no income. Having no income is not good for the soul.

In this article, there’s things how to find a job, what to spend my money on, mistakes, and what to learn non-fiction essay.

How to Find A Job

If you don't have the skills and experience, it's difficult to sign up for projects on a crowdsourcing service like UpWork. The important thing is to put yourself in an environment where the work comes in naturally, rather than getting it.


Most people who continue to freelance will tell you that. In fact, the overwhelming majority of the time, it's the connections with people that lead to work. It could be through an acquaintance, a mutual client, someone you've worked with and started taking on projects, someone you met at an event, or even someone you shared an office with.

Your Own Service

Many of us have had the experience of getting a job via a service that we had created as an individual. For example, let's say you were running a share house search site, then you would naturally get in touch with share house operators near you. Even if you aren't generating sales via the service, they will ask you if you can create a website, or if you can create an internal system. You may be asked to do this.

But rather than asking for a job, it would be easier to cooperate indirectly, saying, "We are creating this kind of service and would like to be of help to you. It's easier to get a job if you are indirectly collaborating with someone who says, "We're making this kind of service and we want to help you.

Coworking Space

Often, you'll be introduced by people you know in a coworking space, or you'll be asked to work directly by people you meet there. Even if you don't do the same work, spending a lot of time in the same environment avoids the risk of disappearing in the middle of a project.

It's much, much more trustworthy than someone you've never met who you're just interacting with on a Web site. You are more likely to meet a business partner who will not only take the job, but also offer it to you.

To pull is better than to push

And "work, please! It's more important to create an atmosphere that makes people want to ask for a job, rather than going around asking for it. For example, you can introduce your recent work on Twitter and social networking sites like Facebook. If people know that you can create such and such a project, they will contact you.

Otherwise, I'll publish what I'm able to do on and GitHub on a regular basis. Sometimes you'll be able to get work from these community sites. Freelancers in a low position tend to get their foot in the door. It's important to hone skills that you want to rely on and to properly expose those skills.

How to Spend

There’re not that many people who are greedy for freelancing. Specifically, how did freelancers spend?


There’re more opportunities to go out for drinks. When I go out to dinner with clients or business partners, I pay for everything. These payments can sometimes be the catalyst for bigger jobs to come your way. Basically, be aware of your give attitude.


Sometimes you can't make your own products or do a job on your own with your own resources. In those cases, you may outsource. The trick is to get a quote from them and pay a little more than they're asking for.

The experience of being priced out of the outsourcing fee, or being priced out after delivery is complete, is a bad memory. However, you will build a relationship with a business partner who has worked with you all the way to the end that is more than just trust. Respect and payment in full will make both parties feel good about their work.


Even if you are fortunate enough to have a job or a business partner, failures will happen. We will discuss the types of failures and how we dealt with them.


A project that was taken lightly as a "little website coding" or a week's estimate gets bogged down. The number of pages can grow to 30 or more, and the design can change and requirements can increase during the coding process.

When this is a project with an agency in between, the man-hours grow and grow without ever having to listen to the unreasonable treatment directly. A negative cycle begins.

Who the customer is should be investigated well in advance, and contracts specifying requirements and specifications should be signed in advance. It's easy to get rid of these customers, but you should also be prepared to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Missed Task Management

If a mistake is found in an app operated by a proxy, the agent who was the point of contact may go directly to the end user to apologize instead of you. In a remote situation, there is no need for you to go there and the agent does not have to give a strict warning, but your reputation will be lowered.

If you report a mistake as soon as it's discovered, you can avoid the worst of it. As a freelancer, you often take on many tasks at once, so task management is crucial. It's best to automate it by using tools like Zapier as much as possible.

What to Learn

You can survive the first time from a lance-free rather than a freelancer. It may be difficult to survive as a freelancer, but if you have the guts, it's possible.

Balance between fixed clients and flow projects

There are two types of freelance projects: stock and flow. Stock will be contracted on a man-month basis and paid a set amount of work and fees until the contract expires, in the form of operations and maintenance. The flow would be a one-off project, such as a complete website development package. But the stability of a freelance life is how you can get stock work.

Forming a stable portfolio of your income will be the first thing a freelancer should do.


You have to think deeper than "What do I want to do?" and "What do they want to do? It's not your freelance skills, it's you. You need to make them feel that it's worth buying. In order to do so, you have to try to think about what you can do for them as much as possible and make a proposal.

If there's anything you can do to help, just ask! Then no one will speak to you. After asking about their situation, you can say, "I see. You want to make this happen, and you can do it. You have to make the suggestion that.

Start freelancing!

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