Your customers may be more unhappy with your service than you suppose. When you run a service on a website, these problems are inevitable.

Although email and Contact Us inquiries are easy to understand, customers are stressed out because they don't know when they will hear back and the problems they want to solve now are not resolved immediately.

Only Contact Us is not enough to increase customer satisfaction; nine out of 10 customers expect multichannel support that allows them to interact with the service provider in any way they want, according to the salesforce Success Center, and 90% of customers expect to be able to contact the service provider in-store by phone or email Before contacting the company directly, check if it has customer support on its website and feels free to use it if it does.


Increase Usability

No matter how well designed and usable a website is, not every customer will be able to fully understand how to use it. Nothing is easier to understand than connecting and interacting with a service provider.

Responding quickly and sincerely to problems as they arise can greatly increase customer satisfaction. In some cases, showing them directly how good your service is can lead to a better understanding and a bigger contribution to conversions.

Direct Feedback

Improve the UX of a website, A/B testing, and analytics data are required. These data can be recorded with tools, but opportunities to get qualitative feedback are hard to find.

Customer support is one of the few opportunities to get feedback. The customer will be able to point out the problem areas directly to you, and you'll be able to resolve critical issues before waiting for data to accumulate.


Impressions in customer support are easily spread on social networking sites and blogs. If customers are satisfied with the response, they will be introduced to the great response, and in some cases, users will start using your service after seeing it. However, on the other hand, if the response is terrible, you will be written up as having been treated badly, so be careful.

Use Remotehour

There are several types of customer support methods. Chatbot, forum, and phone. Here, we recommend support on Remotehour.

Why Remotheour?

77% of customers would feel comfortable using online chat to solve a problem when it arises.

More and more customers are starting to get used to social media and chatbot UIs and want to resolve issues as quickly as possible; in fact, 84% of customers say they would be more comfortable with a company that responded to them by phone or otherwise within a minute.

Remotehour is a great way to ensure a quick and straightforward response.

Quick Response

The feature of Remotehour is that it puts no burden on the customer. There is no need to register, install, or enter a phone number to conduct a video chat. All the customer has to do is just click a button.

Business Hours

Business hours can be listed on the Remotehour page. Customers expect an "immediate" response from customer support, but if a representative is out of the office, there will be a lag in response, which can be stressful. The status of whether they are away or online is also clearly indicated.

Archive the Call

There may be times when you want to look back on a call with a customer and Remotehour will automatically save the recordings, chat histories, and notes. These cases can of course be shared with the customer support team.

Add Customer Support

With Remotehour's Team Plan, when a customer has an inquiry, the whole team can take the call. If you want to try it out on your own, sign up for it.