With the development of productivity tools, the way people work is becoming more convenient and efficient. For the modern freelancer, the Productivity Tools that are evolving every year are greatly increasing business opportunities and making it easier to work than ever before.

The biggest benefit of using the Productivity Tool here for freelancers is that it eases the anxiety of working on your own. Now you can search for jobs online, manage your time and income, get a list of clients in a more affordable and efficient way, and increase your productivity. In this article, I'd like to introduce some of the best tools for finding work and other recommendations for freelancers.

Freelance In COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced a major change in the way freelancers work. Some have lost sales opportunities due to the decrease in face-to-face communication, while others have had to cancel orders due to changes in the performance of their contractors.

However, from a long-term perspective, these changes are not negative. In fact, while there are freelancers who have lost work, there are also freelancers who have "more work projects" and "more income than before COVID-19”.


As people refrain from going out of the office, remote work has rapidly spread. As a result, meetings and sales are going online. For example, if you're selling to someone you've never met before, it's certainly more advantageous to communicate in real life, as it's easier to convey enthusiasm and explain things.

On the other hand, online sales can eliminate the time spent on visits, and cut down on transportation and labor costs. The free time can be used for other business activities, and it is easier for the salesperson to make money and close the deal.


Online sales via the Internet makes it easier to connect with clients in remote areas. The ability to obtain information about new services and products online, not only from within Japan but from all over the world, is a business opportunity for those receiving sales.

In fact, many freelancers who are using COVID-19 as an opportunity to expand their business are strengthening their sales force, expanding their sales methods, and expanding their market to the world at large.

Best Freelance Productivity Tools

As competition intensifies and the environment continues to suffer, freelancers need to use useful tools to improve the quality of their time as much as possible in order to survive. Here, I'll introduce some tools that freelancers should check out one by one.


For freelancers, how to keep in touch with multiple clients is a serious issue. If your clients are spread out all over the world, it will become more and more difficult to keep their schedules in sync due to time zones. Remotehour is an app that allows you to create an environment where you feel as if you are working in the same office as them.

Once you share the Remotehour link, the guest who receives it can connect with you with one click. It's an "open door" to your video chat.

Ease to Share URL

In the case of Remotehour, freelancers can share a URL with their clients and connect with them with a single click, without being asked to do anything.

Default Time Out

All Remotehour sessions have a timer that counts down. All Remotehour sessions have a timer that counts down and automatically ends the call when the time is up.

Call History

Remotehour stores a complete history of who you talked to and when which is very useful when looking back on a meeting.


Scheduling meetings with busy clients can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when short meetings and phone calls interrupt your work. Calendly is an online scheduling tool that allows you to set your own convenience settings (e.g., no meetings after 8:00 p.m.) and then share the link to your calendar with the person you want to schedule a meeting with. They will automatically set up the meeting and add the schedule. This way you don't have to spend time on tedious communication.


Toggl allows you to measure your work hours by client and project, so you can see which projects you can and can't make money on by dividing your compensation by your actual work hours per project.

By looking back later, you will be able to estimate your work hours more accurately and schedule your work more precisely. If you're working surprisingly little time, you'll know when you're being lazy, and the sense of urgency will keep you on your toes.

If your clients want to keep track of their uptime, you can export a PDF and send it to them.


Slack is a chat tool that allows members of a company, organization, or project to seamlessly communicate in a group. Even if you are a freelancer, you may find yourself in the client's channel. In addition, Slack is often used to create closed communities for the purpose of information exchange beyond the boundaries of companies and organizations.

Because of the scarcity of information exchanged in closed communities like Slack, the quality of the information exchanged is likely to be higher than what is available to the public.

The following Slack is considered to be suitable for freelancers.


Zapier is a tool that allows you to automate your work while connecting with over 1,500 services such as Slack and Google, etc. By using Zapier, you can easily automate various tasks that were previously difficult to set up unless you were an engineer, without the need for engineering knowledge.

By using Zapier, tasks that were previously done manually can be omitted. For example, when notifying and reflecting data across different applications and web services, manual work is inevitable if the degree of integration is low. This can be automated. The automated effort can be used for other tasks, thus improving the efficiency of the entire operation.


If you use Notion to create documents, you can make up for any deficiencies in design. You'll be able to submit a cool output altogether.

Not only documents, but also a wide range of functions such as task management, calendars, spreadsheets, and wikis.


With Expensify, you can read receipts on your phone and reduce the burden of filing. If you set up your account correctly, Expensify will automatically generate a report by reading the amount, date, and payee, automatically determining the expense category, and combining several receipts. It can also be integrated with other accounting tools.


A marketplace where freelancers can sell their skills as products that can be bought and sold online. Of course, you can sell your skills here, but by making good use of your skills here, you will be able to submit higher quality deliverables to clients. It's very useful if you want to use fast and reasonable skills.

Remotehour to facilitate communication

One of the most important things in the freelance world is how you can build seamless relationships with your clients and business partners. By simply sharing your Remotehour link, you will be able to be the person they can immediately consult.

As this communication tool, Remotehour is very useful. It's free to start, so sign up and try it first.