When it comes to customer support, it may occur that it’s a more passive job title that receives and answers customer inquiries, emails, and phone calls. However, this customer support job is effective for both new and existing customers, and it needs to help customers solve their problems until they’re able to improve their products as well. That’s why customer support has recently become known as customer success.

Several ways to implement customer success. First, chat and email are the most common. The advantage of asynchronous communication is that it allows for more efficient communication over time.

They are less convenient from the customer's perspective while they are more efficient to operate. Customers want to be able to resolve issues as soon as they have a problem. With this in mind, the most satisfying feature is video chat support. Video chat is a condensed form of communication - text, voice, picture, and video - that allows for customer interaction.

Here’re the advantages and disadvantages of using video chat for customer success, as well as some practical recommendations on how to use it.


More Speedy

Issues are more likely to be revealed because of the visual information exchange that occurs. Text and voice-only communication increase back and forth, and it would make the problem more complex. You may have dozens of messages, taking days and still not resolving the issue. Customers are not kind enough to endure this.

In addition to showing each other's cameras, video chats also have a feature that allows you to share the screen you're viewing and have conversations with each other, such as screen sharing. You'll be able to understand your customers' issues 10x faster and get them resolved quickly.


In recent years, customer support solutions have become increasingly automated and are often replaced by bots and streamlined FAQ workflows. While this may solve around 80% of problems, it will never reach 100%, and for 20% of customers, video chat is effective and will help to reassure customers that they are in good hands.

Face to face support efforts will make customers feel valued. No matter how convenient the service may be, kindness will not be able to compete with manual support by people. Making a good impression will give them a reason to continue and will lead to referrals.


Video customer support is easy to record. While phone calls and chats can be recorded, video is not as accurate as video in capturing small nuances and missed points.

The benefits of keeping a video record of a support response are that 1) other staff can learn how to communicate with the customer and 2) it can be shared with the development team to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.


Hard To Organize

Need to have a support system in place within your company if you expect to video chat to each person. This is a problem not only for video chat but also for text chat case.

Considering the inquiries from the website, depending on the size of the website, you need to have more than one person on hand to respond immediately. Also, if there is a lot of traffic, you may not be able to handle it.

It could be a cost to have this personnel assigned to the estimate. There are also operational costs associated with directing them.

Require Scheduling

Unlike the phone, setting up a video chat requires scheduling with the customer. Also, the busier the customer support, the more difficult it is to schedule, and the more work it is for both parties.

A problem occurs, text the customer, schedule, and start the video chat. Based on these interactions, it can take more than a week for a problem to arise and be resolved. Can the customer wait that long? If I could, I'd solve the problem the moment it happens.

Burdensome To Set Up

In order to use video chat with your customers, you need to use a third-party product. Assuming that customers have varying levels of IT literacy, video chat setup will not always be easy. It will create new inquiries about how to receive video chat.

Best Solutions Of Customer Success With Video Chat


All the disadvantages mentioned here can be overcome with Remotehour. That’s why the best video chat for customer success is Remotehour.

First of all, it's easy to set up: when you sign up for Remotehour, a room is automatically created. You provide your customers with the URL of this room. As long as you have a Remotehour page open or set it up as active on another device, your customers can contact you at any time. There are no missed calls while you are out of the office because you cannot make calls while you are offline. While on a call, other customers can also queue up.

Support embedding, so your customers can make calls directly from your website.

Secondly, there's no need to schedule. Customers can connect with you at any time during your business hours. They can also receive notifications when you are active, so there will be less chance of miscommunication.

Finally, customers don't have to install the app or register; they can simply send their name and a message from the Remotehour link page to connect right away. Video chat is possible at no cost to the customer at all.


Zoom is one of the most used video chat solutions in the world, and the customer support situation is no exception. The fact that it is a common service will make it easier to suggest calls with Zoom.

However, there are issues that arise, such as the previously mentioned scheduling exchanges and the customer having to install Zoom.


More and more customer support, especially for software and cryptocurrency services, is being provided via Discord. Voice support is possible, but just because your status on Discord is online doesn't mean you can make a call. As a result, the inquiries are made via chat.

The chat takes place on the timeline and is often ignored. Inquiries don't work; the benefit of Discord is that it makes it easier to provide aftercare because it makes the people who make inquiries belong to the community.

Why Don’t You Get Started?

Not many companies have video chat support in place yet. It can also be very useful when explaining complex and difficult-to-explain financial products or when selling expensive products online. High-quality customer support can also increase repeat business.

The Remotehour team plan allows you to receive video chats from your customers from anywhere, with your customer success team running a single account. You can definitely provide customer support that sets you apart from the rest of the competition!