Calendly helps you book a meeting effortlessly. It’s simple, easy to use, and yet powerful scheduling software. It eliminates ridiculous back and forth messaging for coordinating appointments and lets you schedule right away. Easy to understand for both sending the invitation and receiving it.

All you have to do is set up your availability, share a link on the schedule page with your clients, colleagues, etc, and choose a time for the appointment to be automatically added to your calendar. I’m sure you’ve experienced this at least.

Calendly is very handy and useful, integrated with Google Calendar, Office 365. Also, Calendly is very good at:

  • Distributing automatically meetings to the team
  • Hosting multiple people at the same event
  • Sending confirmation and reminder
  • Integrating with Zoom, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc

Online meetings software and chatting services are becoming the norm n COVID-19, scheduling tools are back in the spotlight.

Scheduling Software’s Weakness

Calendly isn’t the only one; there’s a lot of alternatives in the meeting scheduler software; Meetingbird, acquired by Front 2018, syncs with Google Calendar and gives your availability to your invitees. AI-powered scheduling software is Definitely, it would be a red ocean with new alternatives showing up every year.

These kinds of scheduling software are easy to use. They can be integrated with many software to make it more convenient. But unfortunately, there are some problems that can’t be solved by the general scheduling software.

Cancel Meeting

I'm sure we've all had the experience of not being able to find someone to meet with at the scheduled time. Online meetings in particular are often perceived as less formal than on-site meetings. When someone cancels a meeting, you feel like you're wasting your time.

On the other hand, there will be times when you have to cancel a meeting. If you are in business, there are times when an emergency arises and you have to prioritize it. In that case, you have to turn down the one that was planned in advance. This is rude to them, and you want to avoid it as much as possible.


You need to reschedule it again if an appointment has been canceled. And no matter how useful the software is, it’s a hassle to share a schedule page and go through the same process.

Fixed Meeting Time

If it's a 30-minute schedule, it will be listed on the 30-minute calendar. But will the meeting really take 30 minutes? The discussion might stretch out and cause you to be late for the next meeting. On the other hand, it could be over in 10 minutes and leave you with extra time until the next meeting. Meetings are never completed on time.


It's a trade-off to put in a schedule. If you schedule it at that time, maybe you'll be approached by a more important client for the same date/time, or maybe you may feel not good then.

You sometimes complain about the loss of freedom in advance by putting in a schedule.

A New Way Of Scheduling

Remotehour is a free Calendly alternative, providing a more spontaneous, ‘open door’ solution to your video calls. It’s a virtual office hour. You don’t have to generally schedule a meeting anymore. Nevertheless, you can connect with your team or clients accurately.

Here’s why Remotehour is the best alternative for general scheduling software.

Never Canceled

The only thing you can set up in Remotehour is your office hours. Whoever happens to be available at that time can connect with you. You don't have an appointment with anyone, upfront, so there is no cancellation.

Of course, you're also free to conduct office hours on that day. If you have other commitments, you don't have to conduct office hours because you don't have an appointment with anyone. If you have another appointment, then you don't have to hold office hours, because you're not making an appointment with anyone.

Next Your Office Hour Is Rescheduled

Some may have planned to go to your office hours ahead of time. But the office hours were full or they couldn't make it because of the time. You don't have to reschedule with them.

They can come to your next office hour. You can go to your room's office hours page and set up what time of day your doors are open each week and make this clear to your guests.

Flexible Meeting Time

Every Remotehour session has a timer. When the time is up, the session is automatically ended. The only host can add minutes. Therefore, a meeting never lasts long.

Also, the next person who wants to talk to you will be connected to you as soon as your current session is over. This will save you from having to wait until your next meeting.

Default timeout

Up To You

Office hours are not a definite fixture. If you are unable to hold them due to another appointment, they do not have to be held.

Be More Productive

While Remotehour is a new way of scheduling, it doesn't solve every case. For example, it can't be used when you absolutely have to fix your schedule or for group meetings.

Remotehour and other scheduling apps could co-exist. For more informal meetings, there is no need to finalize the schedule. You can share Remotehour with others so that you can have a more flexible scheduling-life.