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Be One Click Away From Your Customer

A more spontaneous, ‘Open-door’ solution to video calls

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How it works


Always-on Rooms with individual links

Create and share a personalized room for your client, your customers, or your freelance team. Just jump in so you all get stuff done faster.


Call automatically ends when the time up

If you’re worried that you’d go on way longer than needed, all of the rooms on Remotehour have a time-out to ensure you stay on task.


Customize your original room with an integrations app

Available to create each room for each purpose. Such as professional mode, expiry dates, session timer, theme colors, and paid rooms.


End rescheduling with queues

Should the other guests give up when you’re talking? They can be in a queue and wait for your call to end.

A new way of calling with amazing features

Ad-hoc room

Just create a one-time room with session duration and expired date.

One on one

Dedicated to a one-to-one meeting. Focus on the person who is just talking with you.

Screen sharing

Instant screen sharing would help you make a presentation.

Invite guests

Invite the guests’ email. They can get notified when you’re online.


Get a call on the mobile. iOS is supported and Android is coming soon.


Archive the moment talking to your guest with one click.

Try calling a Remotehour team member

Flexible plans that fit your needs

Free Forever

Start with the basics as long as you need it. Grab free tools that help you connect with your customers seamlessly.

  • Unlimited calling with session timer
  • Screen share capabilities
  • Session timer
  • Inline embed


Gives you the communication tools to connect faster, so your customers enjoy a frictionless experience.

  • All of the Free Forever plan features
  • Create unlimited rooms
  • Add 5 minutes while you are on a call
  • Recording
  • Stripe integration


Bring your team to your workspace together. You can share Remotehour features with your team.

  • All of the Free Forever and Premium plan features
  • Include your original logo
  • Team sharing
  • Customized features that fit your needs

What other have to say about Remotehour

Having an easy way for people to jump on a call with me gives people the confidence that they're dealing with someone they can trust.

Iain Dooley, BenkoDesk

My client will just open/reopen my room link to know whether I’m available or not. I like RemoteHour, because everyone can have a video call from the browser.

Leif Latiff, Freelancer

Mobeewave issue a mandatory Work From Home policy because of the ongoing pandemic. So, I introduced Remotehour to everyone instead of always-on zoom call.

Freddy,System Administrator

Really useful and recommended app, if you are a founder and if you just wanna network, make sure you sign up for Remotehour!

Kumar Abhirup,Propgate


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