Be one-click away from your customers

A more spontaneous, "Open-door" online video call solution

We're Virtual Office Hours Solution

One click video chat
  • One click connection

    One click connection

    Don't have to schedule and install

  • Availability

    Customize availability status

    Receive calls only when you're online

  • Recording video

    Automatic record

    Share each session with URL


Invite your always-on room with an individual link

Create and share a personalized room for your client, your customers, or your freelance team. Just jump in so you all get stuff done faster.

Always on rooms
Default timeout

Call automatically ends when the time up

If you’re worried that you’d go on way longer than needed, all of the rooms on Remotehour have a time-out to ensure you stay on task.


End rescheduling with queues

Should the other guests give up when you’re talking? They can be in a queue and wait for your call to end.

Queue feature
Pay to Talk

Get paid through Remotehour calls

Simplify billing with an integrated Stripe account. Guests can submit payments when they talk to you.

Working on your terms

The biggest benefit of working remotely is working only our terms. Set your availability and Remotehour makes sure your clients respect it.


Get calls directly from your website

Embed your open rooms on your website with various options.


Try calling a Remotehour team member

Flexible plans that fit your needs

Getting Started

Start with the basics as long as you need it. Grab free tools that help you connect with your customers seamlessly.

  • No monthly fee
  • Unlimited calls
  • Limited rooms
  • Real-time analytics(coming soon)
  • Session timer
  • Slack integration
  • Twitter integration
  • 10% + charge fee (2.9% + 30¢)


Gives you the communication tools to connect faster, so your customers enjoy a frictionless experience.

  • $12 a month
  • All features available in the free plan
  • Use your own domain(coming soon)
  • Unlimited rooms(coming soon)
  • Add minutes during the call
  • Recording
  • 2.9% + 30¢ per charge only
  • Get priority support
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